Every thing is not about everything

Thoughts. Ideas.  Concepts. Innovations.
Conversation. Communication. Information. Confirmation.
Blogs. Vlogs. Tags. Brands.
Facebook. Twitter. New Internet age. Wikipedia generation. 

Fast-food Judgementalists, how pitiful!

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I’m not as handsome as Tom Hanks!

I can’t compare myself to that guy not just because I’m not as handsome as he is but for so many other different obvious reasons. But I’m going to. Not to the person himself but to the character in one of my favorite movies, Cast Away.

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When does habit turn into meaningless tradition?

A guru teaching his disciples got annoyed by a cat disturbing the class. He asked his assistant to get the cat and chain it so it wouldn’t distract the class. The next day same thing happened and the cat was chained again. This repeated for a week. The guru suddenly died, the assistant left. A week later a new guru arrived, new assistant as well. The class was about to begin but somebody said “Hey the class cannot begin now, we haven’t chained the cat yet. So one of the students went looking for a random cat and sure enough when they found one, it was chained before the class could begin. From that day, the class wouldn’t begin unless a cat was chained.

Sometimes we all do certain things without entirely thinking about it. Which is fine. We don’t have to analyze and take apart every little detail of every little thing we do in life every day. Sometimes it’s fine to use those brain cells for some other purpose and rely on habit or tradition to take over.

But when do these habits turn in to a meaningless tradition for years (or even generations) to come?

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The most important thing in life is life itself

There are two kinds of society and women are treated differently in each one.


Women have a lot more freedom, relatively speaking. Like men, they go out and live on their own after 16. They are taught to earn a living on their own at a younger age. They go out and have fun and do the things any individual is supposed to at a given age. They are not reprimanded by their parents for doing something that is part of a natural human process. Sex, for instance. Majority of them choose who they get married to, when they get married and if they want to get married at all.


Women do not have lot of freedom. They are dependent on their parents for a long, long time. Marriage is the only safer event that would have the parents let women off the hook. The hook of inducing guilt that they are their parents’ burden. The trap that marriage is the only option to get out of the hellishness of living with parents. They are brought up to believe that sex is evil and flirting is bad. They are conditioned to protect themselves and save up for this one sacred individual. They are sternly discouraged and ill-treated for doing anything that is part of a natural human urge. Sex, for instance. A very small minority choose who they get married to, when they get married and if they want to get married at all.
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Things I’d like to see in a play school – Part 1

I have changed four play schools for my son so far, just 1 out of 4 due to a move. As bad as I’d like some time to pursue my interests or just get two hours in a day for myself to do anything I want, I have trouble sending my baby to a mediocre place. Most play schools are. Continue reading “Things I’d like to see in a play school – Part 1”