India, the gamble!

Here’s a small story:

There was a teacher outside a glass room. There was a learner inside the room. The teacher could see him from outside and had to ask a question with four possible answers. If the learner chose a wrong answer the teacher had to punish him with electric shock. For every wrong answer there was a 15-volt increment. Every time the teacher wanted to halt the test, the supervisor would say this in order:

   * Please continue.
   * The experiment requires that you continue.
   * It is absolutely essential that you continue.
   * You have no other choice, you must go on.

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Things I miss. Perhaps you do too?

1. Sleeping on the floor after a tired long outdoor time with friends and waking up with drool on the face

2. Playing cricket when you were hardly as tall as the bat

3. Playing book cricket under the table during a boring class in school

4. Teasing classmates and fighting with them but staying united during inter-school competitions

5. Taking advantage of a younger sibling and making them do chores for you

6. Stealing lunch from classmates’ lunch box during snack time

7. Making fun of the really bad teachers and nick naming them

8. Adoring the really good teachers and working hard to impress them

9. Feeling extremely sleepy while studying for annual exams and waiting eagerly for holidays to sleep in late

10. Unable to sleep in late and being bored right on the first day of summer holidays

11. Missing friends during summer vacation

12. Buying popsicles on the way home from school and comparing tongue colors

13. Being silly about who sits next to who in the bus

14. Dropping the school bags at the doorstep and rushing inside home to the aroma of onion bajji

15. Enjoying the privileged cup of tea you were allowed occasionally as a kid

16. Cherishing the unexpected day off from school due to heavy rains

17. Catching rain drops from the balcony, counting the number of umbrellas walking by – with people underneath it of course

18. First day of getting a brand new bicycle

19. First time you fell off the bicycle

20. Wind in your face while running fast & the quiet in the street while walking alone

21. Boredom in class when all your closest friends are out sick from school

22. Glee in your face when you get a 100% in a math exam

23. Day out during trade fair with friends on a crazy hot summer day just to buy a cotton candy

24. Exchanging vacation trips and stories on the first day back to school

25. Saving up pocket money to watch a circus with friends while pretending to be in school

What do you miss?

India, oh my!

I will never be comfortable living in India. I try. I keep trying for sure.

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