You stink. Big time!

That is what I said to myself after my first class.

Class as in aerobics. Aerobics as in instructor. Instructor as in gym. Yes, I’m an aerobics instructor at a local gym.

Have you heard of or seen people that voluntarily jump into a pool of shit and choose to waddle in it everyday? Oh, hello then! Nice to meet you!

Well, people are not really shit although I like the line about people-bird poop analogy. Or perhaps something like this “I like birds better than humans because they can’t talk”. That’s my truth.  Exactly how I feel about people.

I like people. I like their company. As long as no one’s talking.

Talking has to be reserved. For the best conversations with the best company. I like mine with a glass or two of sangria. And I don’t like drinking everyday. Same applies to talking. I take time to warm up or like people or even just any single person. Mostly because they don’t give me a chance. They ruin it by opening their mouth. Oh the nerve!

“Since light travels faster than sound, people appear bright until you hear them speak”

So then why did I choose to become an instructor and put myself through this every single day? Perhaps I like to challenge myself?

May be. But mostly because I’m an idiot.

Reality is that it all happened accidentally. My goal was to get fit and stay motivated. Somewhere during that process I decided to figure out how to have fun working out, then interact with people that have been through the same things as me and pass the message on.

Am I having fun? Absolutely! Is this easy? Definitely not! In case you didn’t notice, I haven’t posted anything ever since I started this process.

So why did I post now? Because I’m learning to like even the miseries and heartbreaks that come with this package and look past all that. I like being beaten down every day for not being so much extroverted or a “people” person.

May be I feel like Andy Dufresne crawling through the shit river who knew his destination and not mind the mucky path so much! My destination is “greeting-strangers-without-panicking-about-carrying-on-mundane-conversations”. I’m happy to settle for that right now.

P.S (Edited): My Grapevine life: Follow me here if you take pleasure in knowing about my embarrassments, how I curl up into a ball each night and cry over my failures. That or if you want to know about my dance routines, steps and class experience.

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