Things I’d like to see in a play school – Part 1

I have changed four play schools for my son so far, just 1 out of 4 due to a move. As bad as I’d like some time to pursue my interests or just get two hours in a day for myself to do anything I want, I have trouble sending my baby to a mediocre place. Most play schools are.

If your child is well adjusted and loves to go out and be under the care of teachers, you have hit the jack pot. But chances are most kids that come to play school are from a family where either the child has been in the care of grandparents or the mother. It takes simple math and science (and may be some mommy instincts and hormones) to figure out that the child (and more importantly, you) would have trouble adjusting to a new environment. It’s natural to not evaluate a play school completely before choosing one or overlook some of the flaws.

There are a few reasons why parents might send their kids to play school

Socializing: So the child gets to interact with other kids – same age, younger and older

Discipline: So the child is prepared for specific wake up & nap times, learning to eat and share in a group, listening to others and so on

Education: So the child can learn about things, how they work and interact with other things and so on.

Personal time: So the parents get at least couple of hours off to relax and refresh to resume caring for the child again.

In my case, the foremost reason was #4. Then, may be #1. Having had lot of time for hobbies in my pre-baby days, I started missing the “me time” (and still do to a great extent). That was the reason I started hunting for a nice play group for my son to spend a good 2 to 3 hours of his day. Socializing although being a concern was not the main reason for my hunt.

So what’s your number one reason for sending your kids to play school? Please do share while I come up with part 2 on my play school wish list!

One thought on “Things I’d like to see in a play school – Part 1

  1. Hi Sowmya,
    I read your post on “what moms are made of?”; a well written one. I can relate to it, though my son hasn’t reached those levels yet. But I know it’s just a matter of time coz am seeing the symptoms already..:-). I am a mother to a 15 month toddler. I am considering a playschool for reason number 4 and 1. What points did you consider before deciding on one?

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