I’m sad

I’m sad.

I’m sad that I don’t connect with women in ways that all other women do.
I’m sad that I am not excited at the thought of a girls’ night out.
I’m sad that I’d rather prefer company of a group with more men & ideas and less hormones and mood swings.

I’m sad that I’d rather spend time with the guy I love than a bunch of girls.
I’m sad that I’d rather prefer an activity like rock climbing or even walking over talking.
I’m sad that I only have couple of friends and a handful of people I connect with.

It’s the kind of sadness that comforts you.
It’s the kind of sadness you’re happy to accommodate because if it’s gone you’d feel like you’ve lost a part of yourself.
It’s the kind of sadness that gives you company whether you’re alone or not and makes you feel unique.


I’m sad.

But I like it that way, at least for now.

7 thoughts on “I’m sad

  1. A poem I relate to very much & the first line is what actually caught my eye- ” I am sad that I don’t connect with other women the way other women do”. I too just cannot talk maids, shopping discounts, clothes, jewellery, recipes etc.etc. etc.

    A nice poem Soumya.

  2. I’m so glad there is at least one other woman who can relate to this. Thanks for stopping by Rewati!

    What do you do and what makes you bad at shopping, clothes etc? We might have somethings in common 🙂

  3. Hi Sowmya,

    I’m happy to know there are people like me… Yeah, I too find that sort of discussions boring… I just can’t go shopping with other ladies. I tried once because of my friend and that was the first and last time. I promised myself not to do that again. 🙂 Otherwise, I love spending with my husband & kids, reading books. And ofcourse I chat with my close pals, but it’s surely not the topics which other somen talk.


  4. @ Kaumudi, Thanks for stopping by!
    I’m not very good with shopping either, but I’m trying to get better at it. I realized if I have a friend with me that’s enthused about shopping, I can try and stay patient through the ordeal 🙂

    • Good. I’m trying to develop that patience slowly as I’ll have to shop with relatives some times. You can’t really say no to them. That too in-laws side 🙂
      So, what else is going on these days?

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