One order of uncle and one side order of younger brother please!

I like technology.

I like how it makes things easier. A slow cooker, for instance. Throw some vegetables in and have a delicious meal without having to witness their slow death!

I like how it makes things simpler. An iPhone, for instance. Doodle, browse, write, read, talk and chat. Whatever. However. Whenever.

I like how it makes things accessible. Wifi or 3G for instance. Download, upload, collaborate, create, share and publicize. Anytime. Anywhere.

I like how it makes daily life less monotonous. A roomba for instance. Clean, mop, dust and tidy up. Even when you nap.

So, you see, I am for technology. It’s the hurdles and obstacles that come with it that is scary.

Technology… is a queer thing.  It brings you great gifts with one hand, and it stabs you in the back with the other – C.P. Snow

Cloning for instance. I think I am fine with sheep being cloned as a research study and more so on a selfish basis because it helps solve a lot of human ailments. But I don’t think I am fine with human cloning. What if some scientist gets hold of my DNA and decides to make a clone? I know.  It would do more harm than good. Just one of me is too much. Ask my family if you have doubts.

Back to my original point. Sometimes what technology can do is beyond scary. Especially when people that have access to it do not bother to ever use the single precious thing they have upstairs a.k.a brain.

“India is expected to surpass the United States and China in the number of IVF cycles, said Hrishikesh Pai, one of the country’s leading IVF experts and vice president of the 900-member Indian Society of Assisted Reproduction”

Really? Is IVF that huge in India? “Indian Society of Assisted Reproduction”? Wasn’t that the “husband’s club” a decade ago? And didn’t it become “Swamiji’s ashram” a few years back?

Wait if you are trying to roll your sleeves and start a bar fight with me over the rights of an individual to have his or her own baby if they so chose. It’s not over yet.

“Better late than never, said Bishnoi, who works with his son, Gyanwati Bishnoi. “Reproduction is a civil right — nobody can bar you from bearing a child. We are not violating any laws of the land. Is it a home without children? In India, there is no woman who doesn’t want a child. Without taking a risk, no one would accomplish anything in this world”

Wow. “Without taking a risk, no one would accomplish anything in this world”. How awesome is that?

People have stopped taking risks by protesting against dirty politics and investing their time and energy to solve world problems. People have stopped fighting for cruelties towards the homeless, meek and disabled. People have stopped caring for homeless children and the countless orphans in each city. But they have started to risk the life of not their own, but another human being to make another human being. How noble!

Here’s the link to the article in case you want to read more. This is just one out of so many so be sure to google India + IVF for the whole tour.

What’s next?

Year: 2013

Place: Drive through clinic in some rural area

Scene: An old couple with their much older parents.

Couple: “Can we have one order of aunt more than two decades younger than me and one side order of brother younger than my youngest son pls?

Drive thru attendant: Sure thing! That would be Rs. 10,000. Will that be cash or check?

Couple: It’s hot cash right from the pawn broker. I just sold my first and second daughter.

Drive thru attendant: Very well, then. You’ll get your order soon. Please come back for it in 9 months or less.

Year 2020

Place: Cemetery

Scene: An old couple died of heart attack.

Lawyer: Oh my goodness. The will here says the couple always wanted to have a child and leave their riches to their genetic son!!

IVF Pimp: Not to worry. I know a good doctor in the IVF clinic next street. Let’s dig the bodies back and collect samples. In less than ten months the old couples’ wishes will be granted. Their souls will thank us. We have done a very noble act indeed!!

I just have one word for this:


One thought on “One order of uncle and one side order of younger brother please!

  1. Ha! Thoroughly enjoyed it. Your writing style seems very similar to mine (and you’re second person that I’ve said this to in a couple of days). I love technology too (in particular my iPhone 4, Macbook and Playstation3) but I do remember that these are just tools to do ‘something’. And that something hasn’t changed for milleniums.

    I had written a post which is probably a near opposite of this post of yours –

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