Why I like to be drunk?

Trekking is like getting drunk. Is it a twisted analogy to trekking? Is it because I haven’t had a drink in months?

But to be honest, there is no need for a drink as long as there is trekking. And trekking with CTC is a bonanza. If trekking is like having a glass of Jägermeister (or insert your favorite here) with your best friends, then trekking with CTC is doing all that on a roller coaster.

All truly great thoughts are conceived by walking – Friedrich Nietzsche.

Lightens you up

Trekking lightens the mood. It helps forget the monotonies of every day life and gives a break from the routine. It gives you a slight buzz just like a glass of wine.

Often life brings some very heavy things to digest. Balance it out. Lighten up!

Conversation starter

People generally shed their inhibitions and start conversing more when they are drunk. Same goes with trekking. Even a reserved person can surprise herself while on a trek.

“When in doubt listen” is when you’re sober. “When in doubt yap away” is the way to go when you’re drunk.

Makes you high

Trekking in this case is much better than alcohol because you are not only high but you have your senses in tact as well to enjoy your achievement.

Get high when you feel low. Trek when you need a pick.

Leaves you addicted

Once the trekking fever hits, especially after the CTC bug bites you, you are bound to come back for more to meet new people, conquer greater heights and explore nature and travel to new destinations.

Fever: till you sizzle, what a lovely way to burn. Aha, what a lovely way to burn – Ray Charles.

Great sleep enhancer

I can bet that all 43 ladies that trekked on saturday slept like a log only to wake up on sunday wondering when was the last time that ever happened!

She has many excellent qualities, but once she goes to sleep, it takes a minor nuclear explosion to wake her up – Tony Blair.

Photo by Alex Franklin


So that’s why I like to be drunk a.k.a trek with CTC. What about you?

What is trekking to you? Let me know in the comments.

4 thoughts on “Why I like to be drunk?

  1. It is been few years since I did a real trekking….
    My maiden trekking was in Bandaje – South canara- Karnataka- 80+ kms from Mangalore. 17 years back! we were a group of medicos started late afternoon, because of delay in collecting ESSENTIALS! ….. & got lost in the forest….. found a place a flat rock……. slept in stuper (!) ……. when our team leader went down in darkness to the down hill to bring a guide…. he reached us at 2 am & none were awake to thank him……
    On our way back…. our water bottle was empty & 2 hours & kms later i saw a creek…… i drank water on 4 legs…. literally….. 1st time i tasted water…..
    you brought the thrill & memoirs back…… I am going for another trek & am writing my blog on my 1st trek…..
    2 years back in Bali…… gud trekking …….
    Should I see 127 hours or shall i skip it…..
    Trekking for me is a dynamic meditation…… i will trek soon…..
    thanks my friend… for rekindling the fire….

  2. Too bad ya…CTC doesn’t allow us to get drunk while we trek

    Great post…Do join a social trek, the next time it doesn’t clash with the ladies trek…Cheers

  3. Alex – Thanks.
    Dr – Join CTC!
    Maru – Thanks. I have thought about joining social treks esp bringing my toddler along as well. Will do it sometime soon.

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