What’s 2011 to you?

“A New Year’s resolution is something that goes in one Year and out the other”

New year has had a bumpy start for me. Cold, eye infection and throat infection were quick enough to visit even before the new year did.

New home, new school, new neighborhood, new maid, new schedule. I am longing for old things now. I don’t want many new things year after year. Looking back, there has been something new since 2007 and I wish things would get really old before new things came in.

2007: Found out about my pregnancy
2008: My son was born
2009: Moved to India
2010: Moved within India

But I know there are many more new things to come. I just hope I’m in a good place to welcome them all before judging or resisting.

Old things I’m trying to get rid of:

  • Extra weight I’m carrying around ever since I moved to India (physically and mentally)
  • Biases & prejudices
  • Postpartum blues
  • Fears & Insecurities
  • Starting troubles

New things to make room for:

  1. New friends
  2. Dance & fitness classes
  3. More writing assignments
  4. More creative time with my toddler
  5. More balanced mindset

What’s your 2011 resolution?

2 thoughts on “What’s 2011 to you?

  1. hi Sowmya,
    yours is interesting writing style…… truth courage are evident…. craving for change is obvious…. what more to say now….. i woke up after a call at 2 am…… just sat to refresh before a full moon meditation……. accidentally stumbled on this blog from going through Jugalbandi…. i got too fresh after reading your blog….. now I doubt meditation……. may be , will just gaze at full moon
    life is beautiful……

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