Pineapple India

“India is like a pineapple; rough, thorny and ugly on the outside but a juicy fruit on the inside”

But only if you have the time & patience to carry yourself through the discomforts. Even after you get to the fruit, you cannot just eat it. You always have to make sure there are no thorns or rough edges. You cannot afford to make mistakes.

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Have you seen the inner child?


I have forgotten who I am.

I have forgotten the inner child.
Its in a deep slumber amidst the amnesia that started with responsibilities.
It does pop its head once in a while. But I ignore it. Like the back ache ignored amidst feeding the baby. Like the dry skin ignored amidst all the running around.

But now is a good time to remember.

What’s 2011 to you?

“A New Year’s resolution is something that goes in one Year and out the other”

New year has had a bumpy start for me. Cold, eye infection and throat infection were quick enough to visit even before the new year did.

New home, new school, new neighborhood, new maid, new schedule. I am longing for old things now. I don’t want many new things year after year. Looking back, there has been something new since 2007 and I wish things would get really old before new things came in.

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