Are you an iPhone mom?

“The iPhone is the most sophisticated, outlook-challenging piece of electronics to come along in years. It does so many things so well, and so pleasurably, that you tend to forgive its foibles.” – David Pogue

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Ever since iPhone first came out and I gifted one for my husband’s birthday was feeling extremely jealous & reluctantly handed it over, I have been a great iPhone fan borrowed the gift as often as I possibly could. Ever since I came into possession of my own iPhone 2 years ago (anniversary gift from my parents) I have used it extensively. It came in very handy during all the half-sleepy breastfeeding sessions at home, later when I went back to work and everywhere else.

Now my iPhone is worn out (read: toddler-phobic). Sometimes I can hear my iPhone’s desperate pleas for rescue like the cries in the movie Toy story. Despite the slow performance my iPhone is still my best buddy. Even after I got an iPad (birthday gift from my husband) I find myself faithful to my aging iPhone. Truth is, I won’t even blink a nanosecond before lending this out to my toddler when I get a new one, but shhhhh…. I’m keeping that a secret from my iPhone.

My iPhone is my favorite pal because of all the awesome apps it offers. iPhone is a boon especially to moms because of the nature of their job: “always on their feet”. Just because it is hard to physically carry a laptop or iPad so easily iPhone becomes a definite winner.

My top 10 favorite apps:

Very well liked note-taking app. Whether it is text note, voice or picture the notes sync easily and available anywhere & everywhere. Extremely useful for writers & bloggers (and anyone that wants to be organized)

Hardly being able to hold a book (let alone read it) these days without the pages being torn to a thousand pieces, I love having access to a treasure of free and paid books everywhere I go. Too many classics & children’s books are free too, so that’s a bonus.

Anyone that is new to work out but dislikes being instructed what to do yet need a guide to working out (I realize I’ve just described myself) should definitely buy this app. For the amount of customization, variety of workouts and instructions they have, I would even go to the extent of saying that this app is somewhat under-priced (C’mon $1.99 is less than what people spend for coffee or roughly Rs.100 – if you can afford an iPhone, you most definitely can afford this app)

I have been a SP fan for more than 4 years & love the way they have evolved. Anyone that wants to keep track of what they eat while staying motivated through forums or groups and getting inspired through stories & awesome recipes should try this out. There is so much to gain & nothing to lose because this app is free.


Excellent for those short bursts of reading itch and the serendipity of finding some blog about a topic that’s close to your heart. Not every blogger makes the cut of being featured here but that shouldn’t stop anyone from using this free app.


This is my bookmarking app for my reading list: finished reading, currently reading and to read. I get my suggestions for what to read next many times from here. Syncs well, can be used anywhere and free.


People that love to consume information and look up details of things they don’t know (which I’m guessing everyone in the age group of 5 to 90) consult Wikipedia and there’s no reason they should miss it when they are mobile because this app is very simple & does exactly what Wikipedia does.


Practically nobody needs introduction to this app and I don’t even have to talk about it. But I do. The iPhone app is a little bit buggier than I’d like: groups not working for instance but they’ve been improving steadily. As a bonus though, you get to stay in touch and not develop any withdrawal symptoms.


I don’t have many paid apps, but this is one of my favs because of the endless doodling I can do all day while focusing on some mundane chores. With proper practice & learning I might even become a professional artist some day :-O. This is my son’s favorite as well and the proof of its intuitiveness is by the ease with which he navigates around a sketch.


Kids apps – Anim Sounds, Lights Out

I’m sure there are many more apps for a little more grown-up kids, but my 2 and a half year old enjoys these & they are enough (however temporary) distarctions when he has a tantrum or a melt down. I have limited the no of times in a day he can use my iPhone because I don’t want to give this away to him before I get a new one. Otherwise there are many more apps for kids two and a half & above.

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