Hunger warriors

“Hunger knows no friend but its feeder” – Aristophanes

“Mid day meal programme” is not a new term to me. I remember hearing about it when I was in school. That’s because Tamilnadu started this programme way back in 1960s. Gujarat, Kerala & a few other states had picked up on this mid-day meal scheme. I have to admit that I was a little surprised & a little ashamed. Surprised to read that just less than a decade ago was this scheme mandated by the supreme court & not done any sooner. Ashamed to have only heard about it now through the Akshaya Patra foundation & its mission.

I am happy to volunteer for their cause because I think they are doing it right. In so many ways.


The best way to grab attention & the most efficient one too. Making it easier on the readers by not forcing them to remember much, just a simple URL, everything’s online. Their website & blog both look great & very easy to navigate. I like how they have adapted social tools (FB, Twitter etc) unlike many other clueless organizations.


It is very important to know the audience, mold & present information in a way that is convenient for them to assimilate. “If you want people to do what you want, make it convenient & easier for them to do so” & that’s exactly what they’ve done. It’s brilliant how they’ve paid attention to global audience as well- U.S & U.K.


The gallery, the process of cooking food & all the details makes me hungry & want to grab some hot rice myself. Their excellence is evident in so many ways online.


It’s so simple. Every organization has got to be transparent and be accountable to self & everyone else because that’s the only way to ensure the right thing gets done. “89% of what I donate goes directly to feeding a child” is a great snippet of statistic. I’m sure anyone that donates to any social cause would be glad to know such details, to be reassured that their money is well spent.


The most important aspect of success. No matter how great a task a person has done, there can be no success if no one else knows about it. Blogging about the foundation & its cause is a great way to spread the information. So much better than the old-school word-of-mouth practice because I’m sure there is no mouth on the street because practically everyone is busy writing a blog.

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