(3G) Life just got a little better

Life is full of hardships & sorrow. Life is filled with suffering & pain. Life can take me high one day. Life can throw me down the next. What makes me live each day are the things that I most love. And some people too.


July 15, 2008. That date is significant of when my life changed completely. Topsy turvy.

The day I stepped into a quagmire of worries & uncertainties. The day I became a whole, responsible person.

The day I completely surrendered to the little bundle which would soon become a total menace. The day I relinquished all control. The day my son was born.

Even with the preparations done ahead and all the planning that took place, it was hard to understand this little being that did nothing much other than eat, sleep and poop. What came to my rescue was my smart phone. My favorite phone. My iPhone.

It opened up a whole new world to me, both at home and when I had to go back to work. It made me believe, months later, that may be every mom suffering from postpartum depression could benefit by having a smart phone with 3G.

Fast forward to 2009 when I moved back to India after spending a little less than a decade in a first world. The lifestyle, the people, the changes. I struggled to handle almost everything every single day for more than a year. It took me a while to accept the fact that things are different in India and for some people it is worse than most. It made me realize that problems may be a common sight in India but solutions are not.

India, to me, is symbolic of variety. People of different races, color, language and background. Naturally that is accompanied by situations that no first world could possibly manage.

Difficulties and discomforts are lessened by hope. Hope that things would be better soon. Hope that I just have to remove the blockages, even if it takes years to see light one day. Hope that there are optimists around, just like me, that are working hard at keeping things moving.

That exactly is what 3G means to me as well – One of the first steps towards progress, knowledge and wealth. Just the way people dream of India. The main distinction between a first world & third world is the ability of people to relax, think, invent & share Versus struggle, haggle, skimp & starve. The moment third world people get to have the ability to access information on-the-go & share with the community, it opens up a whole new world of possibilities & adventure. 3G makes it all possible. It may not be in the beginning but very soon, 3G would be accessible not just to the elite, upper middle class or tech savvy but even to low income families. Just the way TV is a common household item today.

3G makes it possible for a learner to be able to access Wikipedia without having to depend on a laptop or computer.

3G makes it possible for a socialite to keep in touch with friends, use Facebook & twitter wherever and whenever.

3G makes it possible for a traveller to get directions as soon as you need it without having to wait on a guide.

3G makes it possible for artists to look up, compose, share & browse – be it code, music or painting.

Independence. Freedom. That’s what 3G life means to me more than anything else. Independence from my inability to get around. Freedom from my incapability to stay connected to information. A rainbow of facts, variety & entertainment.

3G life is analogous to how I view India & its progress.

How people would be a little more happier.

How there would be few more jobs.

How there would be a little more information floating around.

How there would be little more knowledge.

3G might have come to India later than it did in any of the first world countries, but when it does come it comes with a bang. I’m reminded of Rajnikanth’s dialog “Late-a vandaalum latest-a varuven” which means “I might arrive late but I’m definitely the latest”. That fits so much for 3G life as well.

3G might mean third generation, but 3G has a whole new meaning in my books – the three Gs that will fill my life when I have 3G: Glamour, Glory, Glee.

Tata Docomo, have a happy kick-off!


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