Cartoon, Valentine & Books

  • Creating my cartoon characters
  • Canvas painting for my husband

These are couple of things I’d been working on for the past couple of days.



For now, I’m naming them Jane & Frank.

I will be creating their co-existing characters like Mikey, Jamie etc etc. I should be done by this week end.

I also made a canvas painting for my husband for Valentine’s day.

Canvas for my husband
It didn’t turn out the way I expected. First of all, it’s a bad choice of colors. I wish I had chosen something different for the background. Second of all, I am not proud of the border either. Thirdly, the Ballet dancer looks screwed up , among other things. I did learn a few things, though which I hope to implement in my next project.

While looking for cartoons, I stumbled upon something interesting: A guide to Ruby with cartoon. Seeing my husband read Ruby, I’ve been wondering what it is about. This guide is pretty interesting, especially for a not-so-IT person like me.

I started reading A Suitable Boy by Vikram Seth. It is good so far. I’m sure I’ll be reading this book for at least a whole month – Considering the fact that I’m an incredibly slow reader & the book has 1500 pages or so.

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