Lorenzo’s Oil

I watched the ‘Lorenzo’s Oil’ movie yesterday. I was very moved & inspired by the conviction showed by the Odones. Unlike the normal parents with a disabled child who would either break down or live in denial, the Odones face reality.

I find that to be the best approach to any problem or any situation in everyday life.

  1. Know what the problem is. Unless you are aware of the nature of the problem, it is impossible to find a remedy.
  2. If the problem is new, there lies an oppurtunity to learn something. Get an in-depth understanding of what causes the problem.
  3. Do not rely only on subject experts & Question the things around you all the time. You’ll become the expert once you start digging in.
  4. Don’t hesitate to experiment. But rationalize & weigh risk factors before you do so.
  5. Conviction, Love, Courage & Will Power can get a person through any problem.

Later, I was surfing through for information on ALD & learnt that Lorenzo is 27 now & Michaela passed away in 2000. I also found that Stephen Hawking is affected by ALS – somewhat similar to ALD.

There are numerous diseases that have no cure yet. There are thousands who are affected by such rare diseases. All these people & their families depend on the doctors & various researchers to provide them with a cure.

I’m in awe & much more reverence for those who are in Research – medical Research especially. There is one thing where you can create something to improve human conditions or the standard of living. But the kind of drastic change one creates by renewing the life of another human being – To me that holds more value than anything else in the world.

On the other side, it requires a great deal of strength & will power to sustain these conditions as a victim – People born with such disabilities or develop later in their life who fight every day & strive to give a meaning to their lives – It only makes me wonder, if with all advancements happening, will the world be disease-free within the next century?
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