Cartoon, Valentine & Books

  • Creating my cartoon characters
  • Canvas painting for my husband

These are couple of things I’d been working on for the past couple of days.



For now, I’m naming them Jane & Frank.

I will be creating their co-existing characters like Mikey, Jamie etc etc. I should be done by this week end.

I also made a canvas painting for my husband for Valentine’s day.

Canvas for my husband
It didn’t turn out the way I expected. First of all, it’s a bad choice of colors. I wish I had chosen something different for the background. Second of all, I am not proud of the border either. Thirdly, the Ballet dancer looks screwed up , among other things. I did learn a few things, though which I hope to implement in my next project.

While looking for cartoons, I stumbled upon something interesting: A guide to Ruby with cartoon. Seeing my husband read Ruby, I’ve been wondering what it is about. This guide is pretty interesting, especially for a not-so-IT person like me.

I started reading A Suitable Boy by Vikram Seth. It is good so far. I’m sure I’ll be reading this book for at least a whole month – Considering the fact that I’m an incredibly slow reader & the book has 1500 pages or so.

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Isn’t life lovely? – Sequel

Shortly after I posted this, I read “How to Do What You Love” by Paul Graham

A few things:

  1. It is true that most people as kids are not taught or even aware that they could do what they loved.
  2. Not many parents let the kids be what they want when they grow up.
  3. I felt so close to the writer after I read the ‘Jobs’ paragraph. That looks like my life story! I
  4. ‘Prestige is just fossilized inspiration’ – I like that.
  5. ‘Two Routes’ paragraph – My feelings partially. I intended to elaborate on the two-job route in my post earlier & I intend to follow the two-job route (See ‘Isn’t life lovely?’ below)

Isn’t life lovely?

“When you don’t have what you love, try to love what you have”. I have heard that a number of times in my life so far and every time I’ve thought it’s something that losers would do. Well, now if I hear someone saying that, I might wonder “What a practical person!”

Life is pretty simple, I think. There are things that you love to do and there are things that will earn you money.(For some lucky people, both are the same) Most people work only because they have to. Imagine if everyone had life time supply of money. How many would still work on jobs they already have? Very very few.

If I were to acquire money that would last, say for at least 5 generations, I would hire a personal dance instructor, buy the most exotic homes in 10 countries & all cars I’ve ever dreamed of owning and travel around the world without a thing to worry (among 360 other things that I would do in a given year).But again, that’s not practical except for a few natural disasters like Paris Hilton.

All people need only one thing to be happy – To do what they love the most. So, to get there eventually, we need to adopt something that is practical, one which will earn us money, while still pursuing things that we love, only at a smaller scale.

For many of us, this practical thing is our jobs and for most, this by itself is what we detest. I am in that situation and I’m trying to experiment. Once I get through, I plan to write a book on that.

Personally, I hate to read books where the writer talks about his or her so-called achievements & gives pointers to the readers, especially when the writer himself or herself is a person that hasn’t done much in life except writing that book. I might try to avoid that & try to do something in life worthwhile.

So, what am I doing here, writing about this? Let me get back to work!

So long….

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Lorenzo’s Oil

I watched the ‘Lorenzo’s Oil’ movie yesterday. I was very moved & inspired by the conviction showed by the Odones. Unlike the normal parents with a disabled child who would either break down or live in denial, the Odones face reality.

I find that to be the best approach to any problem or any situation in everyday life.

  1. Know what the problem is. Unless you are aware of the nature of the problem, it is impossible to find a remedy.
  2. If the problem is new, there lies an oppurtunity to learn something. Get an in-depth understanding of what causes the problem.
  3. Do not rely only on subject experts & Question the things around you all the time. You’ll become the expert once you start digging in.
  4. Don’t hesitate to experiment. But rationalize & weigh risk factors before you do so.
  5. Conviction, Love, Courage & Will Power can get a person through any problem.

Later, I was surfing through for information on ALD & learnt that Lorenzo is 27 now & Michaela passed away in 2000. I also found that Stephen Hawking is affected by ALS – somewhat similar to ALD.

There are numerous diseases that have no cure yet. There are thousands who are affected by such rare diseases. All these people & their families depend on the doctors & various researchers to provide them with a cure.

I’m in awe & much more reverence for those who are in Research – medical Research especially. There is one thing where you can create something to improve human conditions or the standard of living. But the kind of drastic change one creates by renewing the life of another human being – To me that holds more value than anything else in the world.

On the other side, it requires a great deal of strength & will power to sustain these conditions as a victim – People born with such disabilities or develop later in their life who fight every day & strive to give a meaning to their lives – It only makes me wonder, if with all advancements happening, will the world be disease-free within the next century?
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