I’ve been trying to paint something for the past two weeks. I guess my imagination is on sabbatical. Two months back I did a painting for my friend Anita. It was glass painting. After I completed that, I wanted to try drawings & canvas paintings.

I tried drawing Ganesha. It looked good. But I wanted to create something of my own. Then I tried to create something with 5+3 = 8 with man & woman on either side of the numbers, but I didn’t get through that. It is still in the diaper stage. I’ll probably look into it this week end & try to do something.

Today I copied a sketch from a ballet book I got from the library.

(Tidbit: I’ve been learning Ballet now for about 3 weeks & I’m having the time of my life. I’ve never felt happier as I do every time I dance. I’m also learning Flamenco. Oh, what a dance. I’m falling in love.)

I also tried sketching my husband. It didn’t come out very well, either.

Then I drew my friend in high school.

Well, I thought I could say that to people, but the fact is, I tried to draw myself & it turned out so bad, my husband warned me not to dare telling anybody.

Anyway, for those who know me, I’m very sorry that I’m a bad artist. I WILL keep trying though.

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